The ultimate tool for making animations right in Figma

Easily animate everything. Use advanced animation techniques. Share your design in any format: gif, mp4, webm, svg, sprites, frames, css, dev.

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Thank you for an amazing plugin. It is easy to work with and for a person like me who just want to do simple animations it replaces the need for buying any expensive software like AfterEffects etc.
Motion is a great plugin in Figma to work with noble to complex animations. It's simply awesome and cool. Had done many projects in it. I love it.
I just wanted to say thanks for such a great plugin! I'm very early in my transition into motion design so I was looking at options and found this gem within Figma so was very pleasantly suprised to come across it.
I love your plugin! Thank you so much for your contribution to the community.
Thank you so much for your wonderful plugin!
I think is an incredible product with a lot of potential, I congratulate you.
It's a great plugin
Thanks for developing this great plugin to help improve my communication with engineers.
Awesome job with the plug-in - really super cool and easy to use.
Thanks for the amazing work you put into Motion. I tried it today for the first time and was impressed by its usability and flexibility!
I must commend you for your great work with your motion plugin, it's wonderful.
The motion plugin is awesome! I've had a great time creating a bunch of gifs with it. Made my life so much easier!


Choose the plan that suits you better.

Unlimited usage
  • 1 Figma User
  • 1 animation per file
  • 2s animation duration
  • Unlimited export
  • Export 1x resolution
  • Export 30fps
Unlimited usage
20% off
Billing annually or 11.3$ month-to-month
  • Everything in Starter
  • 3 animations per file
  • 5s animation duration
  • Export 2x resolution
  • Deleted animations
  • Local copy
  • 108$ billed yearly
Unlimited usage
8 days/mo
20% off
Billing annually or 18.8$ month-to-month
  • Everything in Freelancer
  • Unlimited animations per file
  • Unlimited animation duration
  • Export 3x resolution
  • Export 60fps
  • Copy/paste among files
  • Mastering mode
  • 180$ billed yearly
Business 5 users
Unlimited usage
10% off
Billing annually or 75$ month-to-month
  • Everything in Professional
  • 5 Figma Users
  • Every user
    10% off
  • 720$ billed yearly
Business 10 users
Unlimited usage
20% off
Billing annually or 150$ month-to-month
  • Everything in Professional
  • 10 Figma Users
  • Every user
    20% off
  • 1440$ billed yearly
Business 20 users
Unlimited usage
20% off
Billing annually or 300$ month-to-month
  • Everything in Professional
  • 20 Figma Users
  • Every user
    20% off
  • 2880$ billed yearly
Unlimited usage
For the period of study
  • Everything in Professional